what is Qigong and why should you try it ? 

  In the  way of Qigong , Qi  is said to be the Chinese word  for life energy. It is the animating power that flows through all living things. A living being is filled with it while a dead person has no more Qi as  the warmth , the life energy is gone. Through  the beauty of nature  we sense the qi of the animals, plants , fish  oceans and so on  and we intuitively  unite with them . Human beings are said to be part of nature  and they share qi with the rest of the earth .

Gong on the other hand means work or benefit acquired through  perseverance and practice. Therefore through QiGong we work with the life energy  and regulate the flow and distribution of qi to improve  the health and harmony of mind and body .

It is a wholistic System of self healing exercise  and meditation , an ancient, evolving  practice that includes  healing posture , movement , self massage, breathing techniques  and meditation

 Qigong  is  a practice because it is not prescribed  for a limited period of time  but rather a daily practice  and anyone can practice Qigong  and there are techniques  for every age and physical condition  and it is ideal exercise for the disabled 

There are two categories; dynamic or active qigong(dong gong) and passive  qigong (Jing gong). In passive Qigong is entire body is still, the qi is controlled  by mental concentration , visualization , and precise methods of breathing

 Medical Qigong (Yi Jia Gong)  can be  prescribed for patients  and it can be used as an adjunct to other necessary therapies or as away  for patients to maintain optimum health.


 Qigong can help women recover more quickly and gain skills necessary to take charge of their own health 

 Herbalist Anna Athieno

She is student of  Classical Chinese Medicine at the NUNM in Portland , Oregon 


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